Vision x Motivation x Capabilities x Execution = Momentum
The Momentum Formula: Basic Math for Leaders

Teams that spend a lot of time in “flow,” innovate more.
Mastery and the Domains of Knowledge (The JoHari Window)

Competence vs. Difficulty with Flow progressing from the bottom left to the upper right toward mastery.
Flow (Credit: Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi)

Using a Framework For Collective Thinking Will Rock Your Ability to Lead

A Visual Diagram Depicting the Framework: MotivationxVisionxCapabilitiesxExecution over Culture
The Momentum Framework

f(Trust) = The Sum of Experiences (Perceived Competence x Perceived Caring x Time)
A Mathematical Expression of Trust

We Overestimate Our Abilities and Underestimate the Abilities of Others

In 1999, David Dunning and Justin Kruger, at Cornell University did a series of psychological experiments studying our sense of humor and demonstrated that most of us overestimate our skills and knowledge, and we underestimate our weaknesses. Since that seminal experiment, researchers across many knowledge and skill domains have replicated…

Sean Flaherty

Technologist. Philosopher. Inspirer.

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