We Overestimate Our Abilities and Underestimate the Abilities of Others

Creating a clear understanding of who your organization serves is a key to creating a powerful vision

Graph with The People You Serve on the Y Axis and the Problems You Solve on the X Axis Near the origin are those you can serve the best to convert them into advocates. Moving away from the core = Diffusion. Moving toward the core = Focus.
Getting the Vision Right is Hard Work

A great vision is one that unlocks human potential and creativity by painting a clear…

Culture as layers | Lexicon > Values > Mantras > Stories > Art > Conversations
Culture in Context | Layers of an Onion

Psychological Safety vs Structure | Parabolic curve with descriptions of different ranges
The Relationship Between Safety and Structure | A Source of Innovation

The motivation of the people you surround yourself with is the wellspring of creativity in your life.

Self > Family > Others > Groups > Societies | Nested half circles in purple representing our spheres of caring
The Greatest Leaders Expand the ‘Spheres of Caring’ of Those They Serve

Hands Raised
Asking Questions Can Hurt Your Relationships

Great leaders create more clarity than they consume.

Commitment, highlighted in red amongst a list of words, with a logo of interlocking rings.
Be purposeful with your commitments. It is a key to building and sustaining trust.

Finding and curating your advocates can significantly improve your culture

Ven Diagram with Advocacy in the Middle, Loyalty and Trust surrounding it
The North Star | The Journey to Advocacy

Lexicon > Stated Values > Mantras > Stories and Lore > Symbols and Art > Conversations > Action in a Rainbow
The Context for Culture

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” - Attributed to Peter Drucker

Sean Flaherty

Technologist. Philosopher. Inspirer.

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